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The New Hino 155: Ideal for Commercial Tasks Throughout the Rochester, NH Area

If you're a proud and diligent worker in one of the many commercial industries here in Rochester, NH, then you know the value that a solid and reliable rig can bring to the worksite. Time is money, and if you're seeking a model that will optimize your time spent traveling around town the new Hino 155 is worth familiarizing yourself with a touch further. Impressive in both form and function, this Hino truck touts plenty of muscle under the hood to accommodate for immense loads of whatever needs transporting. Further equipped with a series of advanced comfort and entertainment features, this truck isn't just a workhorse -- it offers up a pleasant and secure ride no matter the road conditions at hand. To only bolster this truck's positive reputation, the Hino 155 can be customized to match whatever you face on the day-to-day. Interested in learning a bit more about the Hino 155? Contact our sales team over the phone, then join us at Rochester Truck to get a full tour of this impressive Hino truck.

 Hino 155 DC Stake for Sale at Rochester Truck

Smart, Hardworking, and Tough: Here's How the Hino 155 Stacks Up in Terms of Performance

The Class 4 Hino 155 boasts enough horsepower and torque to help facilitate simple and stress-free transportation of your goods, materials, and supplies. By the numbers, the Hino model sports the 5.0-liter J05 Series Engine rated to generate 210 horsepower and 410 pound-feet of torque. This award-winning powertrain has been engineered to deliver maximum power without compromising fuel-efficiency. Working alongside this clever engine Is the dutiful Aisin A465 six-speed automatic transmission, a transmission designed by a manufacturer that's been tried and tested in the commercial duty industry for decades. The Hino 155 features a center mount 30-gallon fuel tank while further touting Selective Catalytic Reduction engineering and technology to help mitigate NOx emissions. In regard to durability and capabilities, the Hino 155 boasts a 14,500 GVW rating making it a proper choice for delivery and landscaping transportation needs. Check out a few more features and specs below.

  • 33-inch frame slated at 56,900 PSI
  • Optional remote keyless entry with power windows and power door locks
  • 78.5-inch wide cab constructed entirely of steel

The Hino 155 Truck's Cab is Roomy, Comfortable, and Offers Excellent Visibility of the Road Ahead

When you pick up a new Hino truck, you'll want to be sure it's well-armed to handle frequent heavy use. Whether you own and operate your own business in Rochester, NH and plan on adding this model to your fleet of vehicles or are seeking your first commercial-grade truck; the Hino 155 is comfortable and accommodating enough to make your time spent out on the roads a bit more enjoyable. Check out some of the Hino 155's standard features we've briefly compiled below to get a better feel of this impressive model.

  • Air conditioning and CD Player
  • Steering wheel with tilt and telescoping capabilities
  • Cruise control
  • Two person passenger seat (Hino offers cab-over models in extended cab configurations as well!)


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The Next Steps

Hino trucks offer a generous and class-leading engine warranty as well as a generous extended warranty program. That means your new Hino truck will be covered for five years or 250,000 miles (whichever milestone is hit first). With that kind of confidence and peace of mind, you'll be hard-pressed to find a reason to explore any other commercial duty truck manufacturer in the industry. What's more, is when you decide to shop with us, you'll be able to enjoy the convenience of our competitive delivery rates. Reach out with any questions about the Hino 155, and feel free to make the short trip out to our new and used Hino dealership in New Hampshire the next time your schedule frees up. We look forward to meeting you.