Buying a truck can be stressful, especially when it comes to finding the time to visit our dealership and schedule a test drive of your favorite model. If you're in the market for a new truck but are overwhelmed by the variety of purchasing options that are available, allow us to offer you a helping hand. At Rochester Trucks, we understand that our customers are busy and that it sometimes can be a hassle to find time during the day to visit us in person, which is why we've established a hassle-free, convenient truck delivery program for our valued customers across the country.

This program serves to eliminate the need for you to break your schedule to find time to visit our dealership during your busy work day to pick up your new truck. Instead, we've developed a system where we can deliver your truck, or trailer, to you regardless of where you are located within the continental United States. Cost for delivery is calculated on a case by case basis depending on where you are located, but we assure you with this program that you've never experienced a convenient truck buying experience quite like this before.

Simplifying the Truck Buying Experience One Convenient Delivery at a Time

At Rochester Trucks, our convenient truck delivery program is changing the way our customers shop for their next vehicle. Whether you're in the market for a new truck or trailer, our delivery program tailors to a wide variety of truck licenses and vehicles, including CDL, hazmat, tankers and A&B. Our delivery process is also insured by the dealership, so if anything were to happen along the way it's completely covered on our end.

Our mission with this truck delivery program is to streamline the truck buying process for our valued customers across the country. At Rochester Trucks, our knowledgeable and friendly staff team is committed to excellence and is dedicated to helping to simplify your truck buying experience this Spring. We deliver to anywhere within the continental United States, but if you're unsure as to whether or not we're able to service you, we encourage you to contact us today and ask to speak to a Rochester Trucks associate about delivering to your location.

Top Five Reasons to Have Rochester Trucks Deliver You Your Next Truck or Trailer

If you're at all familiar with the perks of online shopping, you understand the joy and satisfaction that comes along with the hassle-free and timely delivery of your precious goods. Whether you're shopping for new household knickknacks or a new truck or trailer from Rochester Trucks, the convenience of personalized delivery is sometimes almost too good to be true.

Truck delivery is convenient for many reasons, most of which we hope can help take the onus out of taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit us at our dealership to do something that we can ultimately do for you. Consider these top five reasons you should choose to have your next truck or trailer from Rochester Trucks delivered to you this Spring:

  1. It saves you a tremendous of time during your busy work day.
  2. You'll receive a personalized delivery experience with experts from the dealership who can help answer any of your questions.
  3. Insured by the dealership in case any problems arise during delivery.
  4. We tailor to a wide variety of truck licenses and vehicles, including CDL, hazmat, tankers and A&B.
  5. Priced on a case by case basis, allowing for financial flexibility and effective cost management.

Learn More About Our Truck Delivery Program at Rochester Trucks

To learn more about the convenience of having your next truck delivered to you anywhere in the continental United States, please visit us online or join us in-person at Rochester Trucks and ask to speak with a dedicated truck delivery associate today!

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